Wolokoso: Zari could give Bryan White baby boy-an heir

Bryan White escorts Zari to the plane

Rumours have started circulating on social media about the new ties between moneybags Bryan White and socialite Zarinah Tlale aka Zari.

Zari caused quite a star last week when she landed at Arua airfield in White’s private jet.

Bryan was personally there to welcome her. She recently accepted to serve as his brand ambassador for Bryan White Foundation’s activities in Arua district.

The pair has been extending charity services to locals in the area including opening an office, giving mama kits to pregnant mothers and bicycles to youth.

Zari and White pose for a photo

Some pictures of the two stood out. Bryan is seen holding Zari’s hand leading her into a plane.

Victoria University

They are also seen posing together, obviously enjoying each moment.

More pictures show Bryan hugging Zari like he doesn’t want her to go while Zari looks back like she doesn’t want to leave either.

White feels Zari

“Don’t get surprised when u hear that Zari is pregnant and the owner of the pregnancy is Bryan White…If u have money and some fame, Zari can produce for u a baby,” pointed out Nsoobooga Gafild, a concerned fan.

He added: “Never joke with the power of money.” And social media is now ripe with similar rumours, claiming she could soon give the young tycoon an heir.

Zari looks back–she doesnt want to go

Zari has been in many relationships but the better known are with the late mogul Ivan Ssemwanga, a one Farouq and now Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.



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