NRM strategizes to retain Arua seat


In an effort to retain Arua Municipality Parliamentary seat, NRM has intensified its campaigns with improvised new strategies that will leave no single voter isolated.

The team on the ground headed by the NRM Regional Chairperson Hon Sam Engola and the Deputy SG Hon Richard Todwong have already pitched camp here to help the Flag bearer Hon Nusura Tiperu win this hotly contested race.

The team is holding meetings at every Ward/Parish level attended by LCI leaders, women councils, members of the NRM committees at both village and Ward, LCII committees, area councillors and LCII councils among other categories of leaders.

Hon Todwong says the exercise is progressing well and its effective in delivering the campaign messages to the voters.

The Municipality has six Wards spread out in two Divisions of River Oli and Arua Hill.

Victoria University

The meetings have already been held in Kenya and Pangisha Wards. The Candidate has also maintained her routine rallies on a daily basis.

The remaining program stands as follows:

Wednesday August 8th:

▪09:00 am: Leaders’ Meeting in Baazar Ward.

▪02:00 pm: Leaders’ meeting in Awindiri Ward

▪04:00 pm: Candidate’s rally in Tanganyika Ward.

Thursday August 9th:

▪09:00 am: Leaders’ Meeting in Tanganyika Ward

▪02:00 pm: Leaders’ meeting in Nvara Ward.

▪04:00 pm: Candidate’s rally in Awindiri Ward.

Friday August 19th:

▪Meeting with the business community & the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).



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