‘I can smell Birungi & Andile love from a distance’

Andile and Bridget

On his son-in-law who is also the son of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Amama Mbabazi said people without culture are a people without identity.

“It is obvious that Andile and Bridget are in love and you can smell it from a distance.

For marriage to be successful, the former prime minister said, one needs to fall in love with the same person every day.

Before Andile Ramaphosa fell in love with Bridget, his father Cyril Ramaphosa was already doing business with President Museveni.

The South African president first got in contact with Museveni as an investor in MTN Uganda.

Victoria University

He returned to buy the long horned Ankole cows and established a farm in Kenya and South Africa for them.

Speaking at the event, Cyril Ramaphosa said Birungi and Andile are the most important people “here tonight”.

“Thank you Amama Mbabazi and Jacqueline for bringing up a cool, composed, wise and hardworking lady, Bridget.”

Ramaphosa has described Birungi as the most beautiful lady in Uganda.

He said Birungi and Andile met in China.

“Andile didn’t want to disclose who his girlfriend was. We once went out on a dinner where he came with a group of friends. We still failed to figure out who his girlfriend was.”

He says at another outing, Andile still turned up with a group of friends.

“My wife was sharp enough to single out Andile’s girlfriend. She whispered to me that there was a lady wearing shoes that looked like those of Andile. That was it.”

Ramaphosa says most South African girls have taken to social media wondering why Andile came all the way to Uganda to get a wife, not knowing that the couple met in China.

Bridget and Andile




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