Museveni tells Kusasira to re-mix revolutionary songs

Museveni looks on as Kusasira and other ladies sing a revolutionary song

President Museveni has given permission to singer Catherine Kusasira to re-write revolutionary songs the soldiers sung in the bush during the NRA bush war.

“I thank the young ladies, led by Catherine Kusasira, who stepped up and sang for me our revolutionary song “Kino Kyekiseela” which we sang and danced to,” Museveni said.

He was on Friday night speaking at the “Golden Heart Concert” held by singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool to raise money for children with heart problems.

Museveni who loved the traditional kiganda dances and even asked for a “replay”, thanked Bebe Cool for putting human interest themes in his songs.

“You go and get better words to suit the modern audience,” Museveni told Kusasira and three ladies who had volunteered to sing with her the revolutionary song “Kino Kyekiseela”.

The song took the president back to the days of freedom struggle when he fought to overthrow past regimes.

He said the freedom he fought for has been utilised by musicians to compose good songs for the citizens.

“I congratulate Bebe Cool on the successful concert. It gives me great joy to see young people performing our traditional beats with modern instruments. These productions should be shared with the world,” he said.

He added: “Witnessing young people having fun peacefully gives me satisfaction with the work we have done over the last decades to ensure peace and security in our country.”

Museveni said this strengthens his conviction that the isolated cases of murders that have been carried out in the recent past will be conclusively dealt with.

“I cannot imagine who would want to hurt such young people enjoying themselves in their ‘bikeesa’ except pigs.”

He cautioned the young people against reckless sexual behaviour that sometimes leads to contracting HIV/AIDS.



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