Museveni to witness Mbabazi niece’s giveaway to Ramaphosa   

Mbabazi making the preparations

President Museveni will attend and witness the giveaway [kuhingira] of former prime minister and presidential candidate, Amama Mbabazi’s niece this Saturday.

According to a picture shared by The Observer journalist Sadab Kitatta, preparations for the event are in high gear at Mbabazi’s Kololo residence.

Andile Ramaphosa, the son of South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, will officially take Bridget Birungi, a niece to Amama.

Presidents Ramaphosa and Museveni will witness the traditional ceremony.

In May, Andile flew to Uganda to introduce himself to the family for the first time.

Mbabazi refused bride wealth from the South African first family saying it is a sign of disrespect to women.

At the close of the negotiations, Mbabazi accepted only five cows and five goats.

The cows were given to Andile Ramaphosa and his wife to be. The five Boer goats will be given to the aunties and uncles of Rwakairu as a token of appreciation for raising her up.

Earlier, Andile was one goat as a form of atonement for fathering a child with their daughter out of wedlock.




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