Museveni stings CIA for ousting Lumumba as MPs trash his award

Patrice Émery Lumumba

Members of parliament are divided over the Global peace award that has been given to president Museveni for his role in stabilizing Great Lakes Region.

Legislators that spoke to NBS television say the insecurity in the country and failure to come up with a solid solution betrays the very ideals of the award from Global Peace conference.

Yet the conference awarded Museveni a global peace award for his alleged efforts in preserving peace with in the Great Lakes Region.

Speaking at the conference, Museveni accused Western powers of imposing their ideas and choices on developing countries hence threatening peace.

He picked on the American “world policing outfit” Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which he accused of overthrowing leaders of different countries.

He said CIA masterminded the toppling in 1953 of Iran’s elected nationalist Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh and installed Gen Fazlollah Zahedi as a puppet successor.

Daily Monitor quotes an article by New York Times titled, ‘Secrets of History: The CIA in Iran’, which says Britain feared that Prime Minister Mossadegh would nationalise its oil industry and, as such, mooted the coup plot and nudged the United States for a joint operation to return the Shah to power.

Museveni addressing the conference

They executed the coup. CIA then funnelled $5 million (about Shs18b) to Gen Zahedi’s government, just two days after the overthrow, the newspaper reported, citing a 1954 account by one of the coup chief planners.

Zaire’s Lumumba

President Museveni said the overthrow of Democratic Republic of Congo’s independence leader Patrice Lumumba upstaged governance of the country and plunged it into the unending chaos.

CIA is also to blame for Lumumba’s subsequent death and the rise of a regional dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko, who Museveni had to overthrow with the help of Rwanda in 1997.

Museveni now says foreign forces, including United Nations peacekeepers are not making things any better in Congo.

“It was greed of the Americans. We have also been having the UN in Congo since 1960; what are they doing [there]?” Museveni told the conference.

Museveni noted that the threat to world peace are conflicts between man and nature as a result of greed, as well as scarcity of resources, democracy and freedom deficits.



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