Oryem confirms Ugandans persecuted in China

Oryem seeing off young leaders

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem has confirmed allegations of Ugandans living in China being persecuted regarding their alleged involvement in the drug trafficking.

The minister revealed the disturbing reports to NBS television on the same day he saw off a group of youth leaders and businessmen as they set off on an educational tour to China through a programme coordinated by his office with support of the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Business Centre.

For the last 3 years, over 500 Ugandans have benefited from this programme.

In 2016, Oryem told MPs to go slow on Chinese nationals when it emerged that the Asians were mistreating and underpaying Ugandans.

“This happened as a result of the increased insecurity, increased cases of theft and cases of refusal to pay rent,” Oryem told NBS TV.

“The Chinese authorities asked hotels to reverse their actions and allow Ugandans and Nigerians and other African residents access hotels and restaurants because that was not the method to handle such a situation,” Oryem added.


Sunday Monitor reported that Ugandans in China have either been forced out of the country or compelled to live on the streets after they were kicked out of low-cost hotels and apartments in China.

According to the report, any one holding a Ugandan, Nigerian or a passport of some other countries is a target of authorities in China.

The Asian economic giant is cracking down on crime they say is orchestrated by foreigners.

Some of the Ugandans in China told Monitor they were not only forced to sleep on the streets, but also struggle to get what to eat because restaurants that prepare African food have since been closed on the orders of Chinese authorities.

Ugandans have since been advised to seek accommodation in four and five start hotels “if they have come to do business in China”.

Hotels such as Xiaobo, Yuyanga and Tongtong, among others, frequented by Africans have been affected.

The purge on Africans saw all “small” African shops closed. Roadblocks were also conducted in various towns and taxis transporting black people stopped, and passports confiscated from passengers.



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