Museveni fears MPs will rebel, says Mabirizi

One of the petitioners Male Mabirizi

Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka says President Museveni is afraid that Members of Parliament will rebel against him, the reason he came out in their defence.

The constitutional court based in Mbale town blocked MPs from giving themselves two extra years in office—which the president had promised them when they championed his stay in power forever.

While in South Africa, the president wrote an article criticising judges for being shallow and failing to see the need for a 7-year term.

“What the president is doing is to intimidate. I think President Museveni is fearful that the MPs may rebel,” Mabirizi said Wednesday morning while appearing on NBS television.

To Mabirizi who was one of the petitioners, the age limit judgement was shallow and of poor quality.

“If a country like Kenya had a dispute like this, how would they resolved it? All issues weren’t tackled.”

He said even the quality of the majority judges, their research didn’t tackle every point. He has already appealed the “bogus” judgement.

“I have 80 loopholes from that judgement. Some judgements were contradictory but maybe they were put on pressure so they created their own story, there were falsehoods in the age limit judgement.”

Mabirizi argued that in parliament, MPs are not armed. They do not need an army. If MPs are fighting let them fight they will sort their issues.

To him, disobeying a speaker is normal. It was not an emergency.

Lawyer Elison Karuhanga, on the other hand, thinks the judges took their time to do research on the issues presented to them; a lot of work was put in by the court.

He said the primary role of the constitutional court was to interpret the law and they did that so well. It was about the question of a fundamental constitutional interpretation.

“What the judges were saying is, while Parliament is the fountain of constitutionalism, you cannot go ahead to frustrate the activities of Parliament,” Karuhanga explained.

He added: “The President is also unhappy with parts of the judgement just like Male Mabirizi and it’s understandable.”



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