Lokodo criticises African leaders who overstay in power

Minister Lokodo

Fr Simon Lokodo, Minister of state for ethics and integrity on Wednesday made a case on the need for integrity in order to achieve peace.

He was speaking at the Global Peace Leadership Conference held at Munyonyo Commonwealth hotel in Kampala.

“We are asking for peace, we are looking for peace, the world is thirsty for peace, it is my conviction that even in the absence of war there should a position in people’s minds to uphold morals to cherish values which build peace and unity,” Lokodo said.

Lokodo, known for fighting pornography in Uganda, criticised “African leaders who overstay in power only to rule but not to lead” saying “it is one of the threats to peace”.

Present at the event were; Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, founder and chairman of the Global Peace and HE. Amani Karume, former President of Zanzibar and President Africa Leadership Mission.

They were welcomed by deputy speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah who chaired a session on Parliamentary and Global leadership.

Tumwine speaks

The minister for security, Gen. Elly Tumwine, made a presentation on the association between integrity and peace.


He said every individual is responsible for peace. “You cannot change what is around you before changing what is going on within you.”

Gen Tumwine said peace building process in any country is like building blocks and it depends on the context.

Hon Mussa Ntimizi, a Member of Parliament from Igalula County Tanzania said “inclusivity spells peace and exclusivity expels peace”.

Hon Agnes Ameede [Pallisa district] said Uganda is peaceful but “we host many refugees, there are social and psychological effects on refugees, the efforts at national and global levels should be broken down for MPs to champion peace in war torn African countries”.



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