Justice Ogoola: do our MPs have a conscience?


Former Principal Judge James Ogoola on Wednesday wondered where Ugandan Members of Parliament sold their conscience, since they don’t seem to own one.

He was speaking at the Global Peace Leadership Conference held at Munyonyo Commonwealth hotel in Kampala.

“Peace and prosperity go hand in hand, when the two collide one must yield, my word is that may peace prevail so that prosperity may flourish,” Ogoola said.

A member of the interreligious council that is organising a dialogue between opposition chief Kizza Besigye and President Museveni, Ogoola believes without peace, the country will burn.

At the Munyonyo conference, Ogoola asked whether the multiparty system should overwhelm the whole idea of peace.

Justice Ogoola

“Even when the partisan stand calls for something different, you should consult your conscience.”

He turned to MPs who recently lost their bid for two extra years in office: “How do we get leaders in Parliament who respect morals and integrity?”

Ogoola said leaders such as the biblical Moses didn’t have any training but were good leaders. “I think it is because they consulted their conscience.”

He went on: “As parliamentarians, if we do not listen to our conscience, to that small voice, then justice, peace and development will be forgotten.”

–Justice for women–

Dr. Kigozi Maggie speaking during a session on women led initiatives for peace and development, applauded speaker Rebecca Kadaga for ensuring that bills on women related affairs are adequately debated in Parliament.

Maggie Kigozi

Uganda ambassador to Ethiopia Rebecca Amuge Otengo encouraged women leaders to ensure fair women representation at international and regional bodies such as IGAD an ECOWAS.

Issues discussed in the session about women led initiatives for peace and development included: the need to fight child marriages and female genital mutilation, increasing women representation in leadership, financial literacy for women.



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