Guns not answer to insecurity, says 1st son Muhoozi


Science tells us that the genetic make-up of a man gives him certain abilities like strength that are directly concerned with security, says Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Muhoozi, the Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations, was Wednesday night speaking to Peter Igaga, a professional marketer, moderator, emcee and brand ambassador about men and their role in self and community security on “NTVMen” programme.

“I have heard of people who have not had enough mentorship growing up but have turned out to be responsible. So, I don’t really know if it is nature or nurture that determines a man’s responsibility in society,” Muhoozi explained.

Peter interviewing Muhoozi

He said the Mayumba Kumi is an initiative that is about the neighbourhood watch programme and it links the police with the community to enhance security.

“From a security perspective, you do not want too many idle people. More employment would obviously take care of that. But I do not think that that is the only reason there is insecurity in the country.”

He said getting involved in own security is a commendable idea. “We need to encourage that.”

According to Muhoozi, vigilantism is not good at all. One should always report their suspicions to the police because people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

“I would like to encourage people to interact with each other in their communities. There shouldn’t be any communities of strangers. Security is difficult in such areas.”

Muhoozi doesn’t think that gun ownership is a remedy to the increasing crime.

He said looking at what is happening in the U.S, where gun ownership is enshrined in the constitution–the guns are being used for crime.

He revealed that there are people in Uganda with licenses to own guns.

“These people go through a process controlled by police. The police puts one through vetting to see, among other things, if you are mentally stable.”

The first son said government had to disarm the Karamajong people of 40,000 guns because they were using them for crime.

“Guns are not the answer to insecurity. Most things done in self-defence, by law, are legitimate. People seriously need to be alert for their own safety.”

About the four things Muhoozi values, the first son listed: “1] love your God; 2] love you families; 3] love your country; be patriotic”.



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