Congratulations Your Majesty Ssabasajja Kabaka on your 25th jubilee coronation anniversary

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi 11

Today, the Kingdom of Buganda, the People of Buganda, Uganda in Uganda and world over, joins His Royal Majesty The Ssabasajjá Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Kimera Mutebi the 2nd upon marking the 25th coronation silver jubilee celebration on the throne of his fore fathers. Ssabasajja Kabaka Mutebi is the 36th King of Buganda Kingdom which started in the 12th Century with Ssekabaka Kintu as its pioneer King.

It was on this very day on 31st July 1993 at Naggalabi – Buddo (The Kingdom’s coronation site ever since the King Kintu ‘s reign) that the Kingom of Buganda officially enthroned the 36th King Mutebi taking over from his late father King Edward Luwangula Muteesa the 2nd who died in exile in London in 1969 but because of the political animosity back at home in Uganda, his heir then Prince Ronald Mutebi couldnt assume the throne until 1993 when jubilations and happiness filled the entire Kingdom and the country as the Kabaka was enthroned and marked the new era of the kingdom.

Over the 25 years, His Royal Majesty the Kabaka and the Kingdom has passed through challenging times and tribulations like the renegade Princesses that besieged the  Kasubi Royal Tombs on assistance of M7 Government in 1997,  the long quest for a federal system of governance as well as ebyaffe,  the burning of the Royal Tomb at Kasubi, the arrest and detention of the three  Kingdom officials in 2008; Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga then Kingdom Information Minister,  Owek. Medard Lubega Ssegona then Kingdom state Information Minister and Mrs. MP Bakireke Nambooze then Chairperson of the Kingdom Central Civic education committee over trumped up charges of treason, the central Government refusal of the Kabaka from touring the Kingdom’s Bugerere county which later culminated into the 2009 Buganda riots,  the Central Government creation and arm twisting of “artificial Kingdoms which never existed before within Buganda Kindom”  like the Banyara in Bugerere county, the Ssabaluli in Nakasongola – Buluuli county, Kamuswaga in Kooki county among others.

The Kingdom under the stewardship of His Royal Majesty the Kabaka on the throne has registered positive strides in the 25 years including; the Royal wedding in 1998, the unity of the Kingdom through strengthening clan systems. All clans have attachment to the Kabaka. Every Muganda has a clan which he/she belong to.

Clans are what defines our natural heritage as Baganda hence clan system have helped preserve our cultural norms., the Kabaka through Kabaka education fund has educated over 700students of Buganda annually from Primary to university, the kingdom owns a number of schools, Buganda Royal Technical Institute and Muteesa 1 Royal University,  kingdom owns a rádio station Cbs Fm and TV station  BBS TV to ease communication of the kingdom to its subjects among others.


The Kingdom of Buganda, is a cornerstone onto which the country of Uganda was built. Uganda derived its name from Buganda.   While we work for the cohesion of Uganda, it doesn’t hamper our attachment to the Kingdom.

Today’s 25th coronation Jubilee celebration of the King on the throne will be at the Mengo Palace starting this morning at 9am. The Kabaka invited a special guest the King of Asante from Ghana Asantehene Otumufuo to celebrate together this silver jubilee fete. The theme of this jubillee fete is empowering the Youth. The King dedicated his reign to the Youth.

On my own behalf and on behalf of the  Youth who subscribes to FDC Party would like to join the rest of the Kingdom and the country at large to congratulate His Royal Majesty the Ssabasajja Kabaka Ronald Mutebi upon the milestone achievement of 25years  coronation anniversary of  the King on the throne.

In a special way, would like to thank and commend the contributions of the Ssabataka Supreme Council which championed the return of Prince Mutebi, Ssabataka Supreme Council later metamorphosed into an expanded Buganda Kingdom Lukiiko in 1993 which championed and quickened the process of the coronation of the 36th King of Buganda.

We pray to the Almighty God to continue guide our Kabaka, bless him with wisdom and life as he continue strategically guiding the Kingdom

Yooga Yooga  Ssabasajja Kabaka  okutuuka ku jubileewo, Wangaala Ssabasajja nga olamula Obuganda.

Mulindwa Walid Lubega

FDC National Youth League Vice Chairman




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