27 Guns trailer out: dawn of a new age-Museveni’s revolution


“27 Guns”–41 men and hope–it was the dawn of a new age–the start of a revolution. Isaiah 60 Production has released a trailer of their new movie.

An unlikely band of men, led by a charismatic revolutionary, inspired a generation that moved the Nation, says Natasha Karugire, a daughter to President Museveni.

The one minute and 47 seconds trailer was released on YouTube on July 14, 2018.

It features key scenes from the biopic based on true events of Uganda’s liberation struggle. It tells the story of then rebel leader Museveni and his unlikely group of young idealists who leave all, to fight for the salvation of a nation.

On the morning of 6th February 1981, a group of 42 people holding 27 guns and pistols stormed Kabamba barracks with an aim of looting guns that would be used for their protracted war on Apollo Milton Obote’s government.

Victoria University

According to Natasha, the movie will hit the cinemas this September. It will premiere in Kampala on 6th September 2018.

Writer and director Natasha M Karugire reviewing a scene at a location in Kiruhura

First son Muhoozi Kainerugaba‏ endorsed the movie saying: “27 Guns, the story of Uganda’s Liberation War, will be premiering in Kampala on 6th September and Johannesburg on 13th September 2018. Don’t miss it.”

Notables in the movie:

– Janet K Museveni – Beautiful. Wife and mother. Woman of regal bearing and indomitable spirit. Dignified and Graceful.

-Yoweri Museveni- Visionary. Revolutionary. Warrior. Teacher. Leader.

– Afande Fred Rwigyema – Brave. An officer and a gentleman. In 1985, he together with another Senior Officer headed the 11th Batallion that came through the Rwenzori mountain area in the West as the NRA advanced on Kampala.

-Afande Salim Saleh – Fearless fighter. A soldier’s soldier. He commanded the entire Mobile Division in the advance on Kampala.

Afande Elly Tumwine – Monduli trained officer who interrupted his teaching career to join the struggle. Was also one of the earliest army commanders.

Afande Kasasira – Tall, dark and handsome. Humourous. Warrior. He was an integral member of the Security Detail of the Chairman of the High Command.

– Afande Patrick Lumumba – His quiet demeanour covered his deadly bravery. Accurately wielded the RPG that had only 2 shells in the first hit in April of 1981. Commander of the 3rd Battalion from 1984 to the end of the war.

– Afande Hannington Mugabi – He headed Section 3 of the very first Units formed by the NRA in February of 1981.

– Afande Nalweyiso- She was a teacher. She left all and joined the Struggle and commanded the Women’s Wing. Still serving.

– Afande Suicide – Tough and slightly cantankerous. Part of the Security Detail of the Chairman of the High Command during the Liberation Struggle.

– Afande Joy Mirembe – Brave and beautiful fighter. She was very instrumental in gathering warriors old and new from the four corners of the nation to the Savannah land of the triangle.

– Afande Pecos Kutesa – Avid reader and well loved. He commanded C Company of the Mobile Force. He also led the 1st Battalion up to Masaka during the advance on Kampala the Liberation Struggle.



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