ISO torture story that landed Ndawula in safe house

Stanley Ndawula

A story about a city businessman who was tortured by Internal Security Organisation [ISO] operatives and forced to implicate the boss of Movit company in Budo fire, is what got Investigator editor, Stanley Ndawula, kidnapped.

Ndawula was kidnapped from his work place in Bukoto on Friday night and detained in an ISO safe house in Kyengera, a Kampala suburb.

He was later released on Sunday after intense pressure from activists and online media associations.

After his release on Sunday, Ndawula said he had met ISO director general, Col Kaka Bagyenda, who accused him of authoring a damaging article against the security agency. Ndawula denied.



Here is the story:

Published under the headline “Investigation: ISO Tortures City Businessman; Forced to Implicate Movit Boss in Budo Fire” by Trumpet News, another local online outlet, the story features a Kampala businessman who was allegedly tortured by ISO operatives in one of the safe houses in Kyengera.

According to the report, Ivan Musimenta, was arrested on May 2, 2018 spent over two months in ISO custody, blindfolded, handcuffed and his legs chained.

He was as tortured to admit having played part in Budo Junior School fire which left 19 pupils dead in 2008. He was reportedly asked to implicate Movit boss Simpson Birungi.

Musimenta has since instructed his lawyers Muwema and Company Advocates to file a court application and complaint in the Uganda Human Rights Commission against Col Kaka Bagyenda.

Musimenta was later taken to ISO head offices in Nakasero where Col Kaka warned him against exposing the conditions in the safe house.

They told him he was being detained because Movit boss Birungi wanted to kill him.

Musimenta, a resident of Naalya, said while he was with a friend [Yusuf Kiggundu a former flying squad operative], he heard a one Moses Lumu confess at Eden Harvest that Birungi ordered him to burn a dormitory at Budo Junior School.

Lumu requested Musimenta and Kiggundu to convene a meeting with Birungi who had not yet completed the payment.

Birungi told him he had a land transaction which didn’t materialise hence losing the money he was supposed to pay Lumu.

It was Kiggundu who took the case to ISO. Kiggundu took Musimenta to meet Col Kaka. With half a million in play, Lumu was arrested on April 29, but later escaped.

While at Kabu supermarket in Kyaliwajala on May 2, 2018, Musimenta was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers and his next stop was Kyengera safe house.

In the safe house, Musimenta was tortured by the city’s most notorious robber and murderer Paddy Serunjogi aka Sobi to reveal where Lumu was hiding.

Sobi managed to extract Shs400,000 from Musimenta. He was later leg-chained.

Lumu was later re-arrested and detained with Musimenta. They were often tortured by ISO employees [Juuko and Eddy] on orders of Jack, Okurut David, Richard Ataliwuwe and Tumusiime Robert [ISO operatives].



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