UPC Ochan takes Apac, NRM Rwaburindore claims Ibanda

UPC candidate Ochan

Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] party candidate Patrick Ochan is the winner of Apac municipality election.

Ochan polled 6, 597 votes ahead of Jovino Akaki (NRM) who got 3,233 votes.

Lucy Ajok (Ind) got 278 votes, Rev John Robert Atim Etime (Ind) got 129 votes, Patrick Cono Okello (Ind) got 1,527 votes, Bishop Stanley Engena-Maitum (Ind) got 99 votes, Odongo (Ind) got 207 votes while Dr Okello Ekwaro (FDC) got 182 votes.

NRM takes Ibanda

Rwaburindore Tarsis (NRM) won the Ibanda municipality MP seat.

Taradisi celebrates

He polled 13,331 votes beating Agaba Peter his closest challenger who had 12,850 votes.

Other challengers Alex got 590 votes and Robert 171 votes respectively.

Rwaburindore was formerly in FDC but later quit willingly.



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