Omona: police conniving with UPC to beat NRM members

One of the beaten NRM supporters

Dr. Kenneth Omona the NRM National Deputy Treasurer has decried the high level of laxity by police and other security agencies in Apac Municipality as the Party supporters get beaten up while Police looks on.

“In Apac our people are facing serious security challenges. Response from the security is worrying”, Dr. Omona said in his message to the Secretariat headquarters.

There is suspected connivance between police and the UPC leadership here to deny NRM’s Hon Jovino Akaki victory in today’s Parliamentary race.

Cases involving supporters of the UPC candidate beating up people have been reported to police but no meaningful actions taken.

The goons terrorising the areas are donning yellow T-Shirts and travelling in different vehicles that include a black Land Cruiser Reg. No. UAK 399W, a tipper lorry Reg. No. UAY 417N, a caridina car Reg. No. UAX 119M and another blue vehicle Reg. No. UAP 896 reportedly belonging to an oppisition Politician in the region.

Victoria University

There are also two other cars Reg Nos. UBD 839R and UAW 742F allegedly used in these same nasty operations.

At Awiri Polling Station, our official agents were denied entry for over 30 minutes while at Atopi Primary School polling station one person was found in possession of pre-ticked ballot papers in favour of an opposition candidate but the suspect walked away free as there was no security to help.

“Our supporter one Odagiu Genesis is one of the victims and has been rushed to Apac Hospital for treatment. Several other incidents have been reported in Arerwang, Omukuwie and Temogo among others,” said Rogers Mulindwa, Communications Officer – NRM.

He asked police to execute their field operations freely without favours to particular political camps.

He said the Secretariat has taken up these concerns with higher police authorities in order to secure the lives of “our voters but we shall automatically demand explanations later”.

“To our supporters, we urge them to remain vigilant and proceed with the voting exercise.”



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