Basalirwa takes early lead in Bugiri MP by-election


Jeema party president, Asuman Basalirwa, has taken an early lead, according to provisional results from the Friday by-election.

Basalirwa is vying the Bugiri municipality parliamentary seat against FDC’s Eunice Namatende and the ruling party NRM’s John Francis Oketcho.

Provisional results:

Market A Polling station

1. Basalirwa Asuman 500

2. Oketcho (NRM) 100

3. Eunice Namatende 20

Market B Polling Station

1. Basalirwa Asuman 700

2. Oketcho (NRM) 200

3. Eunice Namatende 10

Naluwerere 1 Polling station

1.Basalirwa Asuman 1,535

2.Oketcho. 100

3.Namatende 30

Basalirwa accuses NRM of voter bribery

Speaking to press earlier, Basalirwa said police was recklessly arresting people, adding that military presence is uncalled for.

“NRM camp and agents have been moving around openly bribing voters. The NRM camp and agents have been moving around openly bribing voters,” he said.

He claimed receiving new that NRM wanted to hire people, dress them in “togikwatako” attires so they can cause chaos at the polling stations.

“NRM hired taxis, put goons in these taxis and they are the ones who have been moving around bribing voters,” he added.

Silwany speaks

NRM caucus vice chairperson, Hon Solomon Silwany, alleged that Basalirwa’s chief campaigner MP Bobi Wine brought goons from Kampala.

“It was unfair, police just looked on as the mob was chasing me, I had to run the ‘Kisoga’ way,” he said, referring to an earlier incident in which he pepper sprayed voters.

“I can’t bribe voters. At the end of the day, the voters will decide the winner.”

Residents at Naluwerere Polling Station kicked out the Bukooli Central legislator on allegations of voter bribery.

Provisional results from Bugiri Municipality elections;

Isike P/s
NRM 96
Jeema 89
FDC 26.

Kirunda Catholic Church
NRM 123
Jeema 107
FDC 43

Mirror polling station
NRM 87
Jeema 103
FDC 65

Kisinde COU
NRM 189
Jeema 189
FDC 41



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