We’re being left out, anti-age limit MPs cry out

Jackson Karugaba Kafuuzi

The ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] members who voted against age limit are being left out, says Hon Jackson Kafuuzi, Kyaka South MP.

“Those, from NRM, who voted against the Age limit Bill are being left out of the party’s processes and parliamentary committees,” Kafuuzi said while appearing on NTV Thursday morning.

“We have not amended the term of the president. We have amended the term of parliament and that is not entrenched in the constitution,” he said.

“I supported the Age limit Bill. I hope and pray that the court decides in our favour,” Kafuuzi noted.

Hon Wilfred Nuwagaba, Ndorwa East MP, says NRM puts rewards for its members which leads to decisions made due to greed.

“We have put the judiciary on spot. Most Ugandans seem to have lost hope in the judiciary.”

Nuwagaba said the Age Limit judgement will decide the image of the judiciary.

“It is up to them to prove the integrity of the law in Uganda.”

Lawyer Oscar Kihika says the age limit bill was not a Museveni Bill as some people say.

“Capacity is not verified by age. Everyone is accepted to take part in the affairs of the nation including the old and the young.”

He noted that there is a lot of internal debate in the NRM Party.

“This debate can be heated and some people take it personally. So it may seem that the party is punishing some of these MPs who stood against the Age Limit Bill but that is not what is happening.”

Oscar said the age limit judgement is a matter that will ultimately be decided in the Supreme Court.

“My prediction for today is that constitutional governance will be a winner at the end of the day.”




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