FDC’s Namatende: Bugiri victory is mine to claim

Namatende campaigning alongside Besigye

Eunice Namatende, the FDC candidate for Bugiri parliamentary seat has promised to build a model municipality if elected into power.

She was speaking at a rally Wednesday attended by party bigwigs Kizza Besigye and FDC party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

Namatende who is up against Jeema party’s Asuman Basalirwa and NRM party’s John Francis Oketcho, says the last two months of campaign have been a great time, it has been hard work, fun and getting to know each other.

“Today, we wrapped up our campaigns and it was a great experience with my brothers and sisters of Bugiri Municipality, we have spoken candidly on issues that are dear to us as a people and we agreed and disagreed on how to build our new Municipality! If elected to office as a team we will build it together as a model Municipality!” she told a rally.

She added: “Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of our team that has campaigned to bring change to Bugiri Municipality, we have one task to get out and protect the vote on Friday! But more so go win it for us all!”

Namatende said she is confident victory will be her to claim and take.

Museveni campaigning in Bugiri

“We respect our electorate because we know you have sacrificed a lot to get to our rallies and our pledge lies in our capacity to serve you and bring honour to you.”

She urged her voters to wake up early on Friday and get out the vote for her [the daughter for MP Bugiri Municipality].

President and NRM party Chairman Museveni also campaigned for John Francis Oketcho (MP) and Ayubu Mulikiliza (Mayor), the NRM Flag bearers for Bugiri Municipality.

Speaking at Bukooli Technical Grounds, Bugiri Municipality, Museveni told Bugiri residents not to vote people who will not work with government.

“If you vote the opposition, don’t think you are punishing Oketcho, you will be punishing yourselves,” Museveni warned.



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