We must escape captor Museveni, Besigye mocks Kayihura

Besigye campaigning in western Uganda

Former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye says the country is slowly moving towards embracing change.

He was mobilising support for FDC candidates in the newly created Ibanda Municipality, alongside FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Others included MPs Munyagwa Mubarak, Roland Kaginda and of course FDC Chief Mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe and Deputy Secretary General for Research Tindyebwa all moved down to Ibanda to campaign for MP Aspirant Byaruhanga Alex, Mayor Arinaitwe Anselm and many Divisional Councillors including Nyamugabwa Amooti Goldino.

“Ibanda moving towards embracing change. The energy, enthusiasm and commitment they show is incredible,” Besigye said.

He said all they need are leaders to guide them on what to do to realise change.

Victoria University

Besigye informed people in villages like Rubaya, Katete, Kihunga went through Sigirira, Omukatongole, Nsasi, Kashangura, Kabaare, Kashangura, Lugazi and Ibanda Ssaza Grounds where he and others campaigned that the time has come for them to regain their rights and reclaim their country from those who captured it with guns.

He says Uganda is now divided between the captors and captives.


So he said those who fill are captives must fight to free themselves from their captors.

No one loves Museveni more

While addressing rallies in Sheema on Monday Besigye criticised people who say that they love President Museveni saying that they are being dishonest to themselves because they rejected him in 1980 before going to the bush.

Besigye said that he gave up his job in Kenya to campaign for Museveni when he contested for presidency in 1980.

“Nobody loves Mr Museveni more than me because I even campaigned for him in 1980. We went to Kiruhura and they asked him that ‘do you have cows, do you have a family?’ And he said ‘no’ so they refused to follow him,” he wondered.

Besigye said he followed Museveni because he [Museveni] was speaking good words and he promised that he would go to the bush if they rig and indeed it was rigged which forced him to the bush.

Besigye was arrested that same year but he later escaped.

Mocks Kayihura

Besigye said he started escaping from security operatives when he was still a young man which is why he has mastered it unlike former IGP Kale Kayihura who learnt of it at an old age.


“Escaping is learnt from childhood. You can see those who learnt it at an old age. Kayihura tried it but failed and now he is in jail.”

The former IGP is currently in the coolers at Makindye military barracks.

Rigging elections

Besigye said over 500,000 people died because of rigging elections in 1980.

“The election of 1980 was the same as this election we are in now because there is still voting rigging. Stealing your vote is not only about stealing your ballot paper but it is stealing your voice and that means you do not have the authority to choose who goes into power,” he told Sheema.

He recalled how Museveni turned against former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, for seeking leadership of the ruling NRM party in 2016.

“When Mr Museveni was climbing the ladders of parliament in 1986, as he was swearing in, he said that Uganda’s problem and the rest of Africa was leaders overstaying in power but for 12 years since FDC was started, we have changed leadership thrice. NRM started in 1981 when Mr Museveni was a chairman and he is still the chairman.”




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