Otafiire: don’t vote opposition, they rejected age limit

General Otafiire

With only three days to voting in Bugiri Municipality, Gen. Kahinda Otafiire has asked the residents here to avoid choosing opposition fighters into leadership positions but instead cast their votes in favour of the NRM candidates at all levels.

He has further preached that Parliament is meant for mature exchange of views with respect for one another other than sending candidates that will emulate their promoters by standing on the tables and causing chaos in the house of intellectuals.

Referring to the disrespectful scene caused by the opposition legislators during the Constitution amendment debates, Otafiire said he was disgusted by the character of such MPs and they should be therefore be avoided in the house.

Otafiire who is a member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) and a Minister for Justice was this Monday in Bugiri to campaign for the NRM Flag Bearers who included John Francis Oketcho (Parliament) and Ayub Kisubi (Municipal Mayor) among others.

He addressed his rally at Bukooli Technical School.

Victoria University

The former bush fighter said voting NRM candidates would speed up development in this new Municipality adding, ‘the opposition will have no bargaining power since they have no access to the resource distribution table’.

He disclosed that Government was committed to release more funds for the second phase of the rehabilitation and expansion of Bugiri Hospital.

Otafiire and Lumumba

He, however, said this will require an NRM Member of Parliament to constantly remind the concerned authorities.

He further pleaded to the residents here to resist both tribal and religious divisions but work together for development.

Clad in his army green ‘Kaunda’ suit, the General said Uganda lost alot of its time fighting several rebel groups and it’s now time for NRM to serve its people at a faster speed in order to catch up with other countries.

Gen. Otafiire was received in Bugiri by the Secretary General Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba whom he praised for delivering NRM to a massive victory during both LCI and Women Council Elections.




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