Museveni wants voters to line up behind MP candidates too

Museveni in Kotido

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Sunday thanked the people of Kotido Municipality for turning up in big numbers at the rally he addressed as he solicited support for the NRM parliamentary flagbearer, Peter Abrahams Lokii and the mayoral candidate, Ismail Lomwa.

“What a man reaps, he sows. Knowing the history of this sub-region, I am elated coming to Karamoja and finding it in total peace, with cattle herds multiplying,” he said.

He added: “The peace dividend coupled with programmes like immunisation, also explains the rise in population here.”

The President said government has tarmacked the road to Moroto town.

“We have begun discussions with some companies on the possibility of constructing a road from Karamoja to Ethiopia. We shall continue studying the idea to see its viability.”

“I appreciate the water challenges in this area. When I started the Karamoja Development Authority, it was largely about water provision. The government will now focus on building one big dam per sub-county.”

Museveni said when he goes to these rallies, it is because he wants people to understand that the NRM is the party with a concrete plan for Uganda and “we have a history of proof that we deliver on what we promise. It is therefore important that you support a tried and tested party”.

About cohesion in the party, he asked members to know that NRM is like a football team.

“While some players are on the pitch, others are on the reserve bench. If the ones on the pitch don’t play well, we shall get the substitutes at the next match. We must have this discipline.”

“I urge you to vote NRM candidates come July 27th. Thank you.”

According to presidential press secretary, Lindah Nabusayi, Museveni said he may consider lining behind candidates in primaries to avoid complaints of cheating.




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