Bebe: I want my son Hendrik to be an independent musician

Allan Hendrik Ssali

Gagamel big boss, Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool says he wants his son Allan Hendrik Ssali to be independent both as a musician and as a young adult.

He was talking Victoria Namutebi, the “Celebrity Edition” show host at Urban TV on Saturday.

“I want my son to be independent. Allan Hendrick Ssali has his own fans,” Bebe said.

Bebe said it is not good to spoon-feed a child.

“Am guiding him musically.”

He added: “When I went to my dad for help, he told mum to teach me facts about life. Am not revenging but shaping him.”

Addressing press at Torino bar in Kololo last week, Bebe showed off his son to media and said he would perform alongside him on August 3, 2018.

Bebe will be performing at the “Golden Heart Concert” at Kololo airstrip-the Dome- to raise money for children with heart problems.

Hendrick Ssali

In a 2016 interview with, Hendrick [now 22] who sings reggae just like his father, said he started singing in 2013 in his S.4 after miming his dad’s songs for a while at Kawempe Muslim Secondary School.

Bebe on Urban TV

“I started going to the studio when I joined Kitante Hill School as a day scholar.  My first hit was Bunddu that went viral. Some people thought it was Bebe Cool who voiced it until they started seeing me on stage. I also did Akagambo and Blessing,” he told

Allan Hendrik Ssali crawled to the limelight becoming a tabloid fodder, social media sensation and dethroning Alpha as the singer’s first child.

He shares the same looks, voice and demeanour. His songs play on TVs and radios. He also moves to libraries in majestic plaza personally to take his songs.

Hendrick says students who supported singer Bobi Wine hated him with a passion for being connected to Bebe Cool.

That was the time their [Bebe vs Bobi] beef with was at its peak, throwing diss songs back and forth.

“Well, before I was recognised only as Bebe Cool’s son but as per now people are beginning to realise that I can actually sing. And recently in an interview, somebody asked me why I sing like Bebe Cool, I was like do you know where I can go and get surgery?”

Hendrick started staying with his stepmother Zuena Kirema after he finished primary seven [P.7]. His actual mother lives in Bugolobi “but hates the media”.

He says Zuena has been so nice to him and taught him: “If she also fed me and put a roof over my head then she is good enough. We get along very well and more so my young siblings, we are so tight and that is what makes everyone happy. She always checks on me to find out where I am and if I am safe.”

On his dad being the most “hated guy out there”, Hendrick says Bebe is one person who takes risks and at the end of the day, people appreciate him.

“They love what he says but don’t want to show, they even listen to his music but can’t confess to the public. I am so proud he is my dad and we get along really well.”

Hendrick has had a girlfriend [unnamed] for about 3 years.



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