Angina, Sylvia Owori scandals, intrigues killing OWC

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Lt General Charles Angina, Operation Wealth Creation [OWC] programme’s deputy chief coordinator, is no longer sitting at the Bwebajja headquarters along Entebbe road, has learnt.

As we gathered, Sarah Kataike Ndoboli, director in charge of policy at OWC, led a soft coup against Angina, with the support of five other directors including Henry Banyenzaki, the director of monitoring who once helped him root out founding staff.

At the moment, Angina has only the support of fashionista Sylvia Owori and MP wanna-be John Wambogo who has perpetually vied for MP Mbale without success.


Angina and Owori are accused of taking kickbacks for rent, one of the reasons they shifted from the Entebbe road office.

Meanwhile, the tourism sector is complaining that Owori and Angina are veering off their mandate to interfere with tourism, something they have no clue about.

They want to use Shs1bn to partner with the Ministry of Tourism and organise a mega tourism festival dubbed “Pearl of Africa Festival”, an insider told

Gate collections will be managed by Owori herself.

The Director for Tea and Coffee, Col John Charles Anywar, accuses Angina of witch-hunting the Ministry of Agriculture and destroying the relationship Gen Salim Saleh had built with agricultural agencies.

Recently, the National Agricultural Advisory Services [NAADS] organised a stakeholders meeting for tea growers in Fort Portal.

They invited OWC Fort Portal coordinators as well as Maj Julius Rubahimbya who is based at NAADS working on Tea.

Col Anywar was also invited. Gen Angina called them out of the meeting.

He summoned them to Kamwokya headquarters and warned them against working with NAADS or any other Agriculture ministry Agency.

They were made to sign statements never to attend NAADS meetings.

The master of intrigue?

In March 2017, President Museveni transferred several officers from different sections of the army including the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).

Among them was Lt. Col. Ddamulira who was transferred from OWC to CMI as Director in charge of Counter Intelligence.

According to inside information, Angina begged CMI not to take on Lt Col Ddamulira even after the commander-in-chief had deployed him.

“Ddamulira has been his long serving Military Assistant with whom they made several fake reports against officers when Angina was still Deputy Chief of Defence Forces [CDF],” a military source told us.

Fleecing gov’t departments with OWC magazine?

Angina is also accused of wasting time writing to different government agencies to give adverts to OWC Magazine, a business arm he doled out to his friend Dora Barungi.

While Gen Angina initially set up a committee headed by Col Asiimwe (a veteran fighter who also works with State House) to oversee operations of the business arm (OWC Magazine), Ms Dora Barungi has since refused to attend the meetings, saying she reports only to Gen Angina.

The money made from the magazine, printed by New Vision at NAADS cost every month, is collected by Ms Dora Barungi.

Operation Wealth Creation Monitor

Other disgruntled members of the committee to oversee the business arm of OWC (Magazine) include Ms Prossy Mugenyi who was unveiled to Ugandans as a link between OWC and prostitutes at the height of former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura’s use of prostitutes to stop criminality in areas of Nansana and Entebbe.

Barungi reportedly told off Prossy Mugenyi when the latter demanded accountability for the money made from Magazine adverts.

Barungi told Mugenyi to be contented with the money she made off prostitutes as she was responsible for determining how much money goes to prostitutes.

Officially, OWC demands between Shs70m to Shs80m to enable Barungi collect information every month for the magazine. It must be the most expensive information ever gathered or written!

However, NAADS is required to separately cough out money to New Vision for printing.

Barungi rejected all other OWC staff and prefers to work with her own team unknown to OWC.

While Gen Angina intimidated NAADS to release money for the magazine every month under the pretext that it was not for sale, OWC officials were shocked to learn that heads of government Ministries, Departments, Agencies [MDAs] are forced to each buy not less than 25 copies for their staff.

Those who are reluctant to buy are told that they are sabotaging the President’s wealth creation programme and that General Angina would present reports to the President leading to their sacking.

Madam Sylvia Owori

Recently, Gen Angina ordered the OWC Spokesperson, Major Tabaro, not to say anything or demand for money for the PR department as the task to popularise OWC now lies with Sylvia Owori.

She is now in charge of the OWC budget for PR and events.

That has not gone down well with the soldiers who view Owori as a socialite who Angina should have kept at home.

OWC’s Sylvia Owori

The other concern is that Angina deployed UPDF escorts when Owori claimed that she is targeted by jealous competitors in the fashion industry.

The escorts say they are tired of carrying her handbag and being ordered to clear traffic so “Madam Owori” is not delayed.

The soldiers are concerned that they will soon have to personally take responsibility for orders by “Madam Owori” to take on traffic duties whenever she is escorted to various errands.

They, however, cannot say no to “Madam Owori” as they fear repercussions from General Angina who can cause an OWC intelligence officer to write a damaging report about them that can cause them to be reprimanded by the Chief of Personnel and Administration of OWC.

Unclear dismissal of staff

“Already, Gen Angina dismissed Col Ssevume and others saying they have AIDS and they are not Christian,” a source told us.

Ssevume later died causing lots of anger among his family members who wondered who General Angina was to deny a fellow soldier medical treatment.

Not long ago, Angina fired 54 army officers for incompetence and sent them back to the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) for redeployment.

The OWC, headed by Gen Salim Saleh, could not provide the list of those fired, but said the highest ranking officer was a brigadier and the lowest was a captain.

Angina said 102 new army officers have been recruited to replace the sacked ones.

Explaining why OWC recruited those officers when only 54 soldiers had been fired, Lt Gen Angina said they are to fill vacancies in the new districts and constituencies.

He said the new recruitments are also meant to fill vacancies created by the departure of the old OWC staff who have either died or retired.

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