Pictures: hate as anti-Anite demos rage in Boston US

Protesters hold anti-Anite placards

Demonstrations against the presence of a Ugandan minister Evelyn Anite in America on Saturday raged in Boston, with calls for her dismissal from a university she is attending.

The privatisation and investment junior minister is pursuing a masters  degree at Tufts University [Fletcher School] much to the disapproval of activists.

Martin Byakuleka, the president of Common League of The Uganda Diaspora [CLOUD], who planned the protests, has since asked Fletcher School to dismiss Anite, saying she is using tax payer’s money for her study and upkeep.

He blames her for human rights violations, corruption, intimidation of citizens in Uganda and making President Museveni a life president with her support of the age limit bill.

“The Anite demo has begun,” Byakuleka said on Saturday while leading protesters at Medford, Boston Ave College.

Victoria University

He said Anite has proven beyond reasonable doubt that she is queen of intrigue.

TVO sucks in Kutesa

Byakuleka quoted Uganda’s most popular anti-government blogger Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO) who said “Anite and her associates have forged a post purportedly written by her is definitely going to flash this post in her defence but we are alert”.

“I think this woman is truly dangerous!!” TVO said, noting that Uganda’s mafia are not sleeping.

“They are hell bent on playing on mind of unsuspecting Ugandans. What has been billed, as protest against a one minister Evelyne Anite is a plot by Sam Kahamba Kutesa [Foreign Affairs minister] to steal Uganda telecom through his front company Hamilton limited.”

TVO said the front man for Kutesa is a known con-star called John Mukalazi Kamya who through his networks in Washington and Boston paid $30,000 to a one Richard Martin to write placards against Anite and help stage a demo in Boston at Fletcher School where Anite is a student.

“Anite woes started when she in rare show of professionalism subjected Hamilton company to investigations by financial intelligence agency as a condition to offer the Shs2bn Uganda Telecom [UTL] deal. The agency found that Hamilton company is a bogus, brief case company fronted to grab Uganda telecom, sell it next day and run away with billions of Uganda’s tax payers money.”

According to TVO, Hamilton Company, through a one Twebaze who heads Uganda Registration Services Bureau offered a bribe of $400,000 to Anite in order to sign on a deal that would at a giveaway price and unprecedented tax incentives put the control of Uganda’s indigenous telecom company in hands of Kutesa.

Anite reportedly refused and reported the bribe to President Museveni.

“Infact, Museveni put up a committee chaired by attorney general with members including director Internal Security Organisation [ISO] general Col Kaka Bagyenda and senior investment minister David Bahati. The committee is investigating Twebaze, Kamya and Kutesa.”

He added: “But trust the mafia, they cannot forgive Anite. They are using the hate Ugandans have for Anite, having supported lifting of age limit (magye stunt) to mobilise Ugandans against her in this UTL saga in order to grab billions.”

Anite has since brushed off allegations labelled against her and urged haters to go on and demonstrate since it makes her even more popular both at home and abroad.

Some of the demonstrators include; Kabuye Boston, Nasser Mugerwa, John Mulinde, Joseph Magandaazi, CLOUD mob chief in Boston Linno Byomuhangi, and John Bamulutira.

Byakuleka promised to with a second round of protests on August 18, 2018 if Tufts University had not dismissed Anite by that time.



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