Kabale RDC Nandinda’s bodyguard shoots civilian

Darious Nandinda

A bodyguard of Kabale Resident District commissioner Darius Nandinda on Saturday shot and injured a civilian for reportedly disrupting a meeting.

Venansio Byaruhanga, 52, the victim is a resident of Nyakihita village in Kitanga parish Buhara sub county Kabale district.

He was shot in the left leg by Kanyankore, a UPDF soldier that guards RDC Nandinda, for interrupting a meeting of NRM party leaders held at Kafunjo health center II.

The meeting, according to Kigezi regional police spokesman Elly Maate, was to mobilise support for Annet Kabagambe who its contesting for the LCV councillor seat for Buhara sub county on the NRM ticket.

The victim reportedly tried to disarm the soldier hence being shot in self-defence.

Victoria University

The soldier even opened an assault case against him at Kabale police station under SD 62/21/07/208.

The same bodyguard has already received treatment from Kabale hospital because he was seriously assaulted by the victim.



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