A Pass behaves like my goat-Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool with Namutebi of Urban TV

Singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool still rates Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass as an upcoming artiste, comparing him to Fic Fameica.

At one point last year, A Pass said he was the greatest thing to ever grace the Uganda music scene.

He has had clashes with Bebe Cool recently over the raging social media tax debate.

A Pass called Bebe Cool an “empty head” for supporting the tax. Bebe then bought his goat and named it “A Pass”.

“I named my goat A Pass after looking at its characters,” he told Victoria Namutebi, the “Celebrity Edition” show host while appearing at Urban TV on Saturday.

Victoria University

“If you want your music to be good and played, you have to invest in it.”

Taking a swing on A Pass who joined the demonstration against social media tax, Bebe wondered: “Do Deejays walk to work? Don’t they have family?”

He said A Pass is an upcoming artiste like Fic Fameica only that he [A Pass] is older than Fameica.

Bebe said some fans have a mental problem.

Bebe Cool on Urban TV

“You can’t reason with them. It’s not bad to pay the tax. Problem comes only when the money is not used in the right way. If you can’t manage the 200 per day, then don’t use social media. Use other means like watching Urban TV but don’t oppose the tax.”

He said it is time to show actions not words.

“People should stop lying that they are fighting for you,” he said in what seemed like a jibe taken at singing MP Bobi Wine who led the anti-tax demonstration.

Meanwhile, Bebe reminded his fans to show up in large numbers for his “The Golden Heart Concert” scheduled for August 3, 2018 at Kololo airstrip-the Dome.

He said any criminality will be caged because police is now taking action.



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