Army men raid King Mumbere palace in Muyenga

King Mumbere and his queen

Army men once again raided the Kampala home of Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere, the King of Rwenzururu Kingdom.

Rwenzururu Kingdom spokesperson, Clarence Bwambale, said in a statement on Wednesday that the plain clothed operatives raided Mumbere’s home located in Muyenga on Wednesday night.

He said although the security team reached the palace at night, everyone inside is safe. No one was taken.

“The palace was visited by security personnel as part of their normal routine who upon receiving social media reports that Omusinga was not at his palace, had to be sure that they were providing adequate security.”

He added: “I have correspondences with the kingdom’s attorney general in Kampala who has met with the Queen Nyabaghole and confirmed that everyone is fine.”

Victoria University

The kingdom’s security minister went and met security officers who confirmed it was a mere security routine of ensuring the king is safe.

They highlighted to him that they were verifying the wrong social media reports that had earlier indicated that he wasn’t in the palace.

Addressing plenary on Thursday, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament and Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza said: “If we really believe that country is safe and secure, why did the UPDF break into the home of the King of Rwenzururu without a warrant last week? Accusing him of escaping yet he being guarded 24/7 by armed UPDF guards.”

The Rwenzururu King is currently under house arrest despite having been released on bail by Jinja High Court.

He was arrested in 2016 on several charges including terrorism.



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