Activists pressure American university to dismiss Anite

The state minister for privatisation Anite

A diaspora pressure group “Common League of The Uganda Diaspora – CLOUD” took it a notch higher by asking Tufts University to “help world peace and democracy – dismiss Evelyn Anite from the Fletcher School”.

The junior Investment minister is pursuing a Global Master of Arts Programme in International Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Martin Byakuleka, CLOUD President, said the state of human rights in Uganda is perilous and democratisation is at a standstill.

“The country is ruled by dictator Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power for the last 32 years. Museveni who begrudgingly assumed democracy in 1995 after the urging of Western powers, has steadily eroded all democratic foundations and ensconced power into his own hands.”

He said for example, Museveni has removed democratic constitutional guarantees – like term limits, which spelt that no president could rule Uganda for more than 2 terms of 5 years each, and – age limits, which spelt that no president could stand for Presidency after attaining the age of 75 years.

Today, he has ruled for 32 years and he will stand again for the next elections in 2021, when he shall be 78 years of age.

“In his evil machinations to kill democracy in Uganda, Museveni has ben helped by key associates; including EVELYN ANITE, a member of his cabinet, who is currently admitted as a student at the Fletcher School for the Global Master of Arts program.”

Byakuleka called Anite the poster girl for dictatorship, brutality, rape of constitutionalism, and State intimidation in Uganda.

“Evelyn Anite is the most hated woman in Uganda. Evelyn Anite helped Museveni to kill democracy in Uganda, when she proposed that Museveni’s rulership must not be barred by constitutional term limits, and these were subsequently removed through bribery of law makers.”

He said when Ugandans planned to protest the removal of age limits, Evelyn Anite publicly declared that the people were playing with fire as the regime will unleash the “armed forces’ upon them.

Earlier on Evelyn Anite, had been part of the team that, planned to dispatch the presidential guard on the floor of the Ugandan parliament to physically remove and beat opposing legislators during the age limit Bill debate.

Ugandans know the Fletcher School as a top international affairs institute of the free world, Byakuleka added.

“How can an enemy of freedom in Uganda be admitted at this institute? International affairs aim for global democracy, peace, and development: It is postulated that democracies do not go to war with each other.”

He went on: “An enemy of democracy in one country is an enemy of peace in the whole world; Evelyn Anite is a global enemy. This woman has no place at the Fletcher School of Tufts University. Please do Uganda and the world a favour: Discontinue Evelyn Anite from Tufts University Immediately!!”

Anite responds

Speaking to on Friday, Anite said she was aware of the negative propaganda being engineered against her.

“Tufts already knows my story,” she said while responding to calls for her dismissal from the institution.

“All is good with me and they [Tufts] are going to stand with me in all this.”

Speaking on the protests being planned against her in US, Anite said such showmanship will simply make her more popular.

“They are just going to make me famous. Am ok and enjoying the popularity,” she told

She added: “Imagine Anite in the USA being demonstrated against! Who can be like me? They are making me big.”

An observer who has been following Anite’s saga said “Ugandans [mostly in Boston] in the diaspora don’t have the mandate on who comes to America”.

He added: “After all they are political dissidents themselves. They should instead embrace her and perhaps learn somethings from her.”

But the relentless Bostonians say they will hold a demonstration against Anite tomorrow, Saturday without fail.



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