Kayihura boy Baroza hiding in Turkey-reports

ACP Baroza

Johnson Baroza, the former personal assistant to embattled former police boss, Gen Kale Kayihura, is reportedly hiding in Turkey.

Baroza is being hunted by the force for desertion having abandoned his duty station in Algeria and fled to Turkey, reports The Observer.

Baroza left his post in Algeria on June 17 when he was recalled by the directorate of human resource administration for redeployment.

He never returned to Kampala. He left Algeria aboard a Turkish flight to Uganda but disappeared in transit. He was last seen in Turkey.

According to Observer, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) operatives were on standby at Entebbe airport to pick up Baroza immediately he steps foot in Uganda.

Victoria University

The police director of human resource administration, Moses Balimwoyo, has since directed the Rwizi region police commander and Mbarara district police commander (DPC) to search for Baroza from the home of Jovas Kabiguruka in Karora village in Rugando sub-county in Mbarara district and advise him to report to his duty station by July 22, 2018.

Inspector general of police, Martin Okoth Ochola, says police will search for Baroza within and outside Uganda.

Baroza is wanted by CMI for investigations into various crimes including illegal repatriation of Rwandan refugees.



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