Rwanda woman arrested trafficking girls to Uganda

Police intercepts woman trafficking girls [Daily Monitor illustration]

A woman was arrested on Friday in Matimba Sector of Nyagatare District attempting to smuggle three young girls to Uganda.

Dukundane Evelyne was attempting to traffic the girls aged between 15 and 16 years, through a porous border in Kagitumba Cell, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald.

Kanamugire, the police spokesperson for the Eastern Province, said.

“Residents living on the borderline became suspicious when they saw a woman with three teenagers trying to cross to Uganda late in the night at about 10pm, through an illegal border and they called security organs,” CIP Kanamugire said.

It is said that Dukundane had convinced the girls that she was to get them good jobs in Uganda.

Victoria University

This was collaborated by the would-be victims, who also said that Dukundane approached them and seduced them with job offers in Uganda.

The children have since been handed over to their respective parents.

The parents also said that they were neither aware of the deal nor the whereabouts of their children that evening.

“I was shocked when I heard that my daughter was intercepted as she was being taken to Uganda,” one of the parents said.

Early this month, two women were also arrested in Rwampasha Sector in Nyagatare trying to traffic two young girls to Uganda.

Kanamugire thanked residents who provided information that facilitated prevention of the human trafficking crime.

“Whenever you suspect that something is not right or illegal just inform security organs or local leaders to find out,” the spokesperson said.



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