Land probe summons Onek over fight with Toro premier

Hilary Onek

The Commission of Inquiry into land matters has issued criminal summons against Minister of Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Hillary Onek for allegedly intimidating a witness and making statements contemptuous of the commission.

This was after former Toro Kingdom Prime Minister Stephen Irumba Aboki submitted telephone recordings of the minister threatening him over a land wrangle at Kyaka in Kyegegwa.

Onek is expected to appear next week and explain why he undermined the findings of the Commission in respect to the Land belonging to Irumba.

Speaking at the Oxfam dialogue aimed at Empowering Local & International Actors at Imperial Royale Hotel on Friday, Onek said the country needs serious monitoring and supervision so that there is no diversion of funds supposed to carter for refugees and “that’s where we shall need the help of you international organisations”.

He said refugees are temporary and will eventually head back home but their presence should be able to transform the areas hosting them through their involvement in income generating activities.

“They should be able to boost our GDP. It’s very difficult to close an event you didn’t attend fully but I am glad this is one of a noble cause hence easier to relate to. Thank you for empowering the locals because when these refugees come, the first people to welcome them are the locals.”

He noted that corrupt tendencies among officials especially in refugee management should stop.

“I task the police to investigate and arrest these people. Also, with permission from Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda and Inspectorate of Government, we carry out serious investigations. We will not tolerate that!” he called upon international actors to see the great role played by local correspondents.

“In other words, we are calling for partnerships with NGOs for the greater good of refugees’ livelihood and financial tracking to make sure finances are used for their cause.”


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