MPs grill Tumwine over ISO raid on MTN data centre

MTN Uganda Data Center at Mutundwe in Kampala

On Wednesday, Members of Parliament questioned security minister Gen Elly Tumwine on the recent raid by security agents of the data centre of MTN Uganda.

It was Hon Denis Oguzu [Maracha county] who raised concern following the raid on the MTN data centre.

“We want to know from the Minister for Security why ISO officials gained access to the data centre?” he said.

Tumwine then informed the House that circumstances surrounding the raid on the MTN data centre are being handled with the telecom company as investigations continue.

Earlier, Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Director General, Col Kaka Bagyenda, said his operatives had a legal precedent to raid MTN servers in Mutundwe.

MTN said in a statement on Monday that ISO operatives raided its data centre and kidnapped staff while trying to illegally log into the system.

Among the kidnapped staff was Moses Keefah Musasizi, the manager in charge of data facilities at Huawei Uganda who is also responsible for physical access to the MTN IT Data Centre.

Charles Mbire, the MTN Chairman Board of Directors said there were several attempts by the intruders to log into MTN Uganda’s servers over a period of two hours but the efforts were unsuccessful because of the robust information security systems and no data was accessed or compromised.

In defence, Col. Kaka said ISO had earlier on raided Uganda Telecom after detecting fraud and embezzlement of funds.


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