MPs armoured cars, snipers ruse for Museveni survival-Muntu

Mugisha Muntu

Former Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, has criticised government for seeking to prolong its survival by pretending to give Members of Parliament extra protection.

In a letter to Finance minister Matia Kasaija, President Museveni ordered for the purchase of bullet-proof cars for MPs, manned by UPDF snipers and sharp shooters.

According to reports, the vehicles for over 400 MPs will cost the tax payer atleast Shs1 trillion.

“If the idea is to really protect MPs (and not regime survival), then the place to start is not with armoured cars and snipers, but a listening ear to the people’s will and a determination to put country before self,” Muntu remarked.

He said every Ugandan’s frustration with the regime must translate to actual, meaningful and demonstrable action “if we are to change things”.

“I therefore call on all young people that read this to act: Stand up! Be counted! Vote in leadership we deserve.”

Muntu said as he has often pointed out, focus must be on increasing the number of people-centred MPs and local council leaders, regardless of party.

“Only then can we have the will of the people heard, obeyed and flourish.”

To the youth, Muntu reminded this majority that they are never too young to be the change they want or too young to influence.

“I joined the bush war at 23; 29 when I became Army Commander. Many people I found alongside and led were young men & women with nothing but a burning desire to change what was wrong about our country.”

While celebrating mass with newly ordained Rev. Fr. Felix Muhumza and Leonard Kamukama, Muntu said the university students in their 20s that are told they are the leaders of tomorrow.

“The young corporate men and women that know our country is headed in the wrong direction, but feel politics is for the ‘old people’.”

Muntu who was campaigning for the youthful FDC Parliamentary candidate, Alex Byaruhanga, said only God has tomorrow secured.

“All you have is today. Instead of waiting for the proverbial ‘tomorrow’, start leading today. If you don’t step up and act, you lose your right to complain. For far too long, we as a nation have given away our power to change things by blaming others. We must change this…and we can.”


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