Nyanzi kneels for Jeje, says IGP Ochola has no balls

Nyanzi kneeling for Jeje Odong

Makerere researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi has heaped praises on Internal Affairs Minister General Alhajji Abubaker Jeje Odong for giving a nod to her “One Million March” in protest of kidnappings and killings of women.

The march involving peaceful protesters from the Women’s Protest Working Group WPG is happening on Saturday 30th June 2018 starting at 10:00AM from Centenary Park in Kampala city.

The excited Nyanzi described Jeje as “a lone man among boys, a big bull among chickens, a lone star shining in a dark gloomy night, a beacon of hope for Uganda, a true servant of peace-loving Ugandan citizens, a strong-backed warrior against bureaucratic evil, an elderly four-star General whom I would love my eleven-year-old twin sons to emulate”.

“He has the softest warm silky hands. He has the dearest smile which sometimes lights up his mischievous eyes. His heart beats with tenderness although he is a tough-tough-tough nut to crack. And his mind is as astute and as agile as his passion for security in Uganda.”

Nyanzi said after the “spineless ball-less toothless weak-kneed” IGP of Uganda Martin Okoth Ochola stamped down his old civilian foot and disallowed the One Million march against kidnaps and murders of Uganda, she petitioned the Honourable Minister to overturn “this evil misogynistic devision [sic]”.


Nyanzi celebrated the three male student comrades from Makerere University who accompanied and protected her during this mission: Musiri David, Obed Obedgiu Kwokuboth Jalmeo, and Frank Gideon.

“May you emulate the generosity, humility, and wisdom of Afande Jeje Odong as you serve Uganda with your lives? I celebrate the staff of the Minister’s office who enhanced my mission because they all received my party with hospitality – even buying us African tea and chapatis when I mentioned I was hungry!”

Nyanzi said although she is a Muganda woman, she never lightly kneels down for weak men.

“Never! In fact, I despise the patriarchy of many powerful men so much that I also never kneel down for them. But after interacting with Honourable Minister General Alhajji Jeje Odong, I got onto my strong knees and bent my tough back in subordination to his wisdom, authority, and passion for serving Uganda. I ululated and praised him. I hailed and saluted him. I sang praise to the mother who raised him and silently poured libation to all his ancestors who gifted Uganda with this dear dear dear gentleman.”

She went on: “When a powerful man serving Museveni’s regime grants you the freedom to exercise your constitutional rights to peacefully demonstrate, to assemble, and to freedom of expression, you name that man as an ally.”

“When he recognises that your loud criticism and spectacular dissent against failed security is integral to the tapestry of solutions, you hail him for seeing you as a partner in the struggle to end kidnaps and murders. When he overturns the seemingly fatal rejection of another powerful public servant, you shamelessly kneel down with gratitude and thank him for choosing service to Ugandans over anything else. I thank you, Odong for creating possibilities where others turned them down. I thank you for opening doors that weaker humans had firmly shut down!”

Nyanzi concluded by inviting those opposed to the needless kidnaps and murders of women and children in Uganda to join her march in protest along the streets of Kampala.



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