Kadaga wants bill for compulsory sports

Kadaga doing exercises

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga calls for a bill that will make sports compulsory in all institutions around the country.

Citing Ecuador where sports in compulsory in all schools and government institutions, Kadaga asked the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Sports to draft a private member’s bill that seeks to make sports and physical exercise compulsory.

The Speaker made these remarks while launching the Monthly Parliamentary outdoor health & fitness sessions on Thursday 28 June, 2018.

“Our health is very important so we need to safeguard it by exercising regularly and that is why we have launched this exercise regimen to be carried out every Month,” Kadaga said.

She encouraged both MPs and staff to embrace the activity in order to keep fit and healthy.

“We figured that the gym is not big enough so we chose to hold this activity on the ground level parking on a Friday so that more people can be involved,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker also urged the public to adopt healthy lifestyles in whatever they do, “for us to have a productive population”.

In 2010, Parliament opened a gym for its Members and staff to exercise with the aim of avoiding the non-communicable diseases and also for physical fitness.

Dr Fred Kapta Bawulira, the head of Parliament’s medical unit said that the trend of disease has changed over time from infectious ones to the non-communicable diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

“These diseases are especially among young men and women. Fortunately, these diseases can be prevented especially if one adopts a healthy lifestyle, in terms of nutrition and physical exercise,” he said.

Bawulira added that the purpose of outdoor exercise is to increase the scope of participation in terms of numbers of Members and staff.



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