Opinion: why Susan Magara may never get justice


By: Justice4Susan

The Authors of this write-up have been provoked by the Daily Monitor article of 22nd April 2008, titled: “Is Susan Magara Murder Investigation Dead?” As a concerned people, who are grieved by the gruesome murder of Susan, we thought we should bring some facts out for everyone to know.

Susan Magara a daughter of Mr. John Magara was kidnapped on 7th Feb, 2018 and gruesomely murdered on 27th Feb, 2008.

During Susan’s requiems mass in Hoima, government through the formers Security Minister Lt Gen Henley Tumukunde and AIGP Abasi Byakagaba promised to bring the culprits to book.

However, since then minimal progress has been made by security agencies to arrest and prosecute the culprits.

Victoria University

Susan’s murders is among the very many murders, whose perpetrators have gone scot- free.

A number of conspiracy theories on what might be hindering in the investigations have been drawn, and we examine some of them:

  1. Security officers being involved in kidnap and murder of Susan. This can be based on the following:
  2. At the time Susan was abducted (around 8.30pm on 7th Feb, 2018), she was talking on phone with a one Yusuf Muhindo. Yusuf claims he heard all of sudden someone saying “Don’t scream”, then Susan’s phone went off. They had talked for 15 minutes, and he had heard no scuffle prior to this. Yusuf called his Sister a one Scovia (who worked with Susan) who then called one of the personal assistants of Susan’s Dad (Mr. Magara).

Muhindo then called a CMI official called Frank Nyakairu, who advised him to call Police. Muhindo then called two police officers at Jinja road police station who escorted him to the scene of crime (in Lugunja) where Susan’s car was dumped.

When Muhindo and the police officers reached the scene of crime, they took charge of the scene and tampered with everything; which was aimed at destroying all the evidence. Yusuf started calling and receiving calls using Susan’s phone. They then proceeded to Old Kampala Police station where Muhindo recorded a short statement that night (7th Feb, 2018) and was released that same night.

None of the police officers Muhindo was with recorded any statement that time (on 7th Feb, 2018). The two police officers were working outside their areas of jurisdictions, but took long to involve the area commanders at Old Kampala Police.

Muhindo was later arrested (on 8th Feb, 2018 around 3 pm) on a request of a family member, recorded another statement; he was then released on police bond (after a week) for lack of evidence.

Muhindo has never been interrogated by either police or CMI and is always protected by security agencies. We are reliably informed that Muhindo is highly connected in the security circles; since he studied in Nakasongola army school and he also works in Parliament of Uganda.

  1. When the police investigations began on 8th Feb, 2018, it was discovered that on 8th Feb, 2018 an ISO operative (the DISO of Lubaga) had gone to SEB hotel (where Susan was doing exercise) picked the CCTV footage and then deleted some parts, those which he felt could not be seen by police or any other investigator. The whereabouts of that video are unknown.
  2. During the two attempts to deliver the ransom in Matugga and Kyengera; Mr. Magara engaged security officials, however, the kidnappers were well informed and thus refused to pick the ransom. At some point, CMI officials advised Mr. Magara to use a bag with GPRS trackable chip which he would use it to deliver ransom money to the kidnappers.

Surprisingly for a couple of days, the kidnappers didn’t call, which forced Mr. Magara to return the bag to CMI, surprisingly the kidnappers called again after the bag was returned and asked Mr. Magara to desist from engaging security agencies.

  1. Discovery of Susan’s body: There are conflicting reports on who actually discovered Susan’s body on 27th February, 2018 on southern by-pass. It’s unlikely that the body was seen a bricklayer, who then informed police (as was reported in the media). However, impeccable sources within CMI said that the body was discovered by a relative to one of their officers. What a coincidence that the person who saw the body was related to someone who was part of the Joint Anti-terrorism team that was closely working on the case.
  2. There are unconfirmed reports that some staff of Police Firing Sward and ISO are part and parcel of several kidnaps and killings for money in Uganda. Is it possible that top officials in Police Firing Sward and ISO were involved in Susan’s kidnap and murder? If so, does it explain the level of sophistication and familiarity the kidnappers used.

The kidnappers used 13 handsets and 18 simcards and would change locations whenever they made calls to the family members. The kidnappers could have known the person supposed to hunt them is one of them thus they could afford the luxury of keeping the victim for long and even mutilating her.

Unresolved questions:

  1. Why did Muhindo call Nyakairu, and why didn’t Nyakairu help in the initial investigations. Yet, he was aware of the case, and he’s a highly placed security officer in CMI? N.B Unconfirmed sources have it that Nyakairu started working on the case after the President asked JAT/CMI to investigate.

It’s also important to know that Nyakairu is known to one of the Aunts of Susan. So, why didn’t he help in the initial stages?

  1. Why did Muhindo receive and call other people using Susan’s phone. At some point, he even called himself using Susan’s phone.

iii.     How come Muhindo, has never been interrogated by either police or CMI?

  1. Why the DISO of Lubaga pick and delete the CCTV footage?
  2. Why did the police officers go ahead to tamper with the scene of crime well knowing that this would jeopardise the investigations? And why have they not been questioned by their bosses?
  3. How come no other ordinary Ugandans saw the body apart from the one who is related to a JAT / CIM official? Is it not possible that some one (possibly the kidnappers) informed someone with in CMI or ISO where they had dumped the Susan’s body? Or a security operative was among those who dumped Susan’s body after they had informed the president that Susan had been killed.

vii.    If Susan’s body was found by a villager, how come there are no photos of Susan’s body all over the media, as has been the case in other murders?

  1. Key suspect; Patrick Agaba a.k.a “Pato.”
  2. Security agencies have zeroed down to one key suspect, Patrick Agaba aka “Pato.” who they claim master minded the entire process of kidnap and murder of Susan. No one can discredit their claims, given Pato’s history of kidnaps (a case in point in 2013).

However, there are worries that Pato will never face justice since the extradition process form South Africa hit a snag. Secondly, Pato is well connected in the security cycles since he has friends and relatives in both army and ISO.

That’s why despite overwhelming evidence of his (Pato’s) involvement in the kidnap of a lady in 2013, he was exonerated by Police. This might happen with Susan as well.

  1. We have read in the media, the claim that Pato does not know Magara’s family, and that he last saw Susan when she was in primary school. However, THIS IS NOT TRUE. Pato knows the Magara’s family very well.

First, Pato visited Susan’s family in Bwendero Hoima during x-mas time in Dec 2017. Second, on the second visit Pato took Susan out in Hoima, and returned her home in his vehicle and Susan introduced him as a cousin to the gateman.

Third, Muhanuzi Dan (a friend of Pato) is a boyfriend of Renatta Magara (Susan’s sister), and they were seen together outing in Hoima town after the burial of Susan. Forth, Wyclif Musinguzi (a friend to Pato), is good friend to Kabooyo’s sons (Susan’s cousins).

  1. It’s alleged that Pato’s girlfriend Patra Kugonza deposited huge sums of dollars in Barclays bank main Branch after Susan’ murder and then threw to Botswana.

In his interview, Pato confirmed that he also went to Botswana on his way South Africa, and then used road means from Botswana to South Africa. We are not sure the security agencies have taken keen interest in investigating Pato’s girlfriend Patra Kugonza and possibly extraditing her to Uganda to help in investigations.

Unresolved questions:

  1. What will happen if Pato’s extradition from South Africa fails?
  2. We aware that there are other suspects, who abated or helped the kidnappers, who were charged in courts of law?
  3. How is Pato related to the Muslim suspects they arrested in the Usufi Mosque?





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