FDC buries hero who drove Museveni in 1986


Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] members on Tuesday buried one of NRA war heroes Richard Bashaija who died on heroes’ day.

According to FDC mobilisation secretary, Ingrid Turinawe, the late fought the NRA war, drove President Museveni to Kampala on 26th Jan 1986 and became the first presidential driver.

Retired into private business, government later sabotaged and failed his businesses after he joined Dr. Kizza Besigye to found Reform Agenda and later FDC.

He was reportedly haunted and arrested several times, escaped into exile after attempts to link him to PRA rebel activities.

Returned from exile in 2013, he died on Saturday 9th June, 2018 (Heroes’ day).

Victoria University

In his last words, he told his children: “I am going to heaven, to receive my medal which I failed to receive on earth.”

He was laid to rest in Rwobusisi Village, Kyamakanda parish, Buyanja Sub county, Rukungiri District.



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