IGG drives Prophet Mbonye out of Lugogo cricket oval

Veteran Journalist Turned Pastor Kabuleta kisses Prophet Mbonye's feet

Inspector General of Government Irene Mulyagonja has halted Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s ministry from using Lugogo Cricket Oval for their Tuesday fellowships.

The IGG’s directive relates to pending investigations under which the contract with National Council of Sports was entered.

Unlike Zoe fellowship which can find another place for worship, cricketers cannot play the game in any place of worship, the IGG’s letter said.

In May this year, Joseph Kabuleta, a pastor and member of Zoe Fellowship Ministries led by Prophet Elvis Mbonye shed light on the decision to take up Lugogo Cricket Oval every Tuesday for the next 24 months.

While appearing on NTV sports show “Pressbox”, the veteran journalist said the management of Lugogo Cricket Oval gave away the stadium to self-proclaimed city prophet because of money that the stadium was given out and being the potential clients, they had to take it over.

“Cricket oval has hosted so many concerts in the recent years and we have never heard any complaints from anywhere until that Prophet Elvis Mbonye decided to hire it for only five to four hours, the whole nation has raised dust,” he said.

He added: “First, the condition of the stadium was very bad. The management needed money to work on which we were ready to offer. At the end of the day it is money that will count.”



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