Song banned for calling Museveni greedy money-making dictator

Lucky Otim aka Bosmic Otim

A song composed by northern Uganda musician Lucky Otim aka Bosmic Otim has been banned for insulting President Museveni.

Titled “Mac Onywalo buru” translated as “fire produces ash”, the song mocks Museveni for becoming worse than former presidents Idi Amin and Milton Obote.

“You went to the bush to fight corruption, you came from the bush very corrupt. You went to the bush to fight dictators, you came from the bush and became a dictator. You went to the bush to fight for change, now you are in power but you don’t want change,” sings Bosmic.

He goes on: “Amin was bad, only bad. Idi Amin was bad but not worst.”

The song attacks Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, Land Minister Betty Amongi, her husband and Lira Municipality MP Jimmy Akena, State International Affairs Minister Okello-Oryem, Kitgum Municipality MP Beatrice Anywar and her Kilak counterpart Michael Ocula for becoming Museveni’ bootlickers.

Victoria University

Minister Okello-Oryem is the son of Gen Tito Okello Lutwa and Jimmy Akena is the son of Obote.


Soldiers that in the past shot guns to protect Okello Tito in the government (power)…

Oryem (Okello) now doesn’t know them, Oryem now doesn’t visit them

Soldiers that in the past sent back Obote in the government

Jimmy) Akena now doesn’t know them…

When Obote was in exile in Tanzania Akena did not even visit them

If Tito Okello could resurrect, he would see the behaviour of Oryem-Okello with President Museveni

Lutwa would just pick up a rope and hang himself… die twice

If only Obote can resurrect and come out,

And see the actions of Akena and (wife Betty) Amongi

The issue of our land, Obote would just… hang himself


Fire gave birth to ashes

The children of our past great leaders have turned to fight their tribe

Fire gave birth to ashes

I say fire gave birth to ashes….

Instead of turning to fight the outsiders, you are instead fighting your own tribe.



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