Museveni: Frelimo trained NRA to defeat Amin, Obote

Museveni in Mozambique

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni last evening addressed a session of Maputo Municipal Council in Mozambique and thank them for bestowing on me the highest honour of the Key of Maputo City.

He thanked His Excellency Jacinto Nyusi for hosting his entourage and himself to a state dinner at State House, Maputo.

Museveni said his trip to Mozambique is partly to pay tribute to FRELIMO and the people of Mozambique for their role in training and shaping FRONASA, which became the foundation of Uganda’s liberation army, NRA, and later the UPDF.

FRELIMO greatly helped Uganda build a national liberation army that dismantled tribal and sectarian based post-independence armies including the defeat of tyrants.

Ugandans should not forget, let alone underrate or take for granted this contribution, the president urged.

Victoria University

He said FRELIMO’s support was not in vain. The UPDF, the current army borne out of the NRA, has contained and defeated Al-Shabaab, helping restore order in Somalia, among other national and regional accomplishments.

“I salute FRELIMO leaders, especially Comrade Samora Machel, for their unwavering efforts in the fight for the independence of Mozambique.”

He added: “They not only achieved freedom for Mozambique but also engineered and motivated other African freedom fighters in countries that were still colonised.”

Museveni further thanked Tanzania’s Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, who was part of the positive post-independence leaders that stood for patriotism and Pan-Africanism as opposed to politics of tribe and religion.

He said Nyerere’s foresightedness drove him to openly support FRELIMO and also backed Ugandan fighters to train in Mozambique so as to fight the Idi Amin dictatorship.

“The challenge now is to strengthen economic cooperation between Mozambique and Uganda. We must enhance trade between these two brotherly countries.”



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