Kagina promises 1,500 jobs on Jinja expressway


The Uganda National Roads Authority executive director, Allen Kagina, says government of Uganda has prioritized Transport infrastructure development to spur economic growth.

She was Friday speaking at the Procurement Launch for the Kampala-Jinja Expressway PPP Project.

“We are privileged at UNRA to enjoy a good share of the national budget and we believe the funds we are spending in developing our roads will propel the country towards the middle income status we are aspiring to.”

Kagina said the Kampala-Jinja Expressway PPP project is a flagship project for the Uganda National Roads Authority that will support our quest to develop infrastructure that enhances Uganda’s competitiveness as well as fulfil Ugandans’ desire to have world class infrastructure.

“Our quest is to provide our road users Great Roads and Great User Experience; this project is testament to this resolve.”

Victoria University

This project is one of UNRA’s top priorities for investment and benefits from strong support from the Government and our Development Partners.

The project which will be a brand new super highway, is expected to have the following benefits: Time savings of between 70-120mins between Kampala and Jinja for road users including reduced vehicle operating costs and accident rates; Enhancement of regional integration in line with the aspirations of the East African Community; and stimulation of trade and industry and boost to economic growth by improving trade between Uganda and neighbouring countries as well as cost of doing business.

Others are; increasing GDP and Foreign Direct Investment and improving mobility along the northern transport corridor which is the backbone of trade and efficient passenger and freight operations for both regional and national traffic.

“The project is also expected to benefit the local industry through job creation where we expect over 1500 jobs during construction and 300 long term jobs during the 25 year operation period.”

It is also expected that a significant portion of the works (approx.30%) shall be executed by the local companies in line with the local content


This strong local content focus, is expected to result in significant strengthening and improvement of the local construction industry.

The local institutions and pension funds for the first time will also have an opportunity to invest in the project which will enable ordinary Ugandans to have a stake in the project.

She promised investors a good return on investment since the project is expected to have high returns; un-equivocal Government support and stable investment climate; an opportunity to contribute to Uganda’s development agenda, that is, from developing country status to middle- income country.

“We expect the preferred developers to deliver reliable and quality expressway that takes into account UNRA’s social-economic development agenda that seeks to also uplift the communities along the road as well as ensuring environmental sustainability.”

She added: “We want to see an expressway which is responsive to the needs of the traveling public across the region and for this to happen, we need a partner with vision, a long term plan and the best team to deliver it.”

The Kampala-Jinja Expressway is part of a network of expressways UNRA has planned to underpin the economic development of Uganda. These include: Kampala-Mpigi Expressway, 32km; Kampala-Bombo Expressway, 50km; Kampala Outer Beltway (Outer ring road), 100km; and, Kampala-Busunju-Hoima Expressway.




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