Kamya mom marks 85: Museveni vows to defeat kidnappers

Museveni, Beti Kamya and her mother

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Sunday attended the thanksgiving service for Hon Beti Kamya, which also doubled as the 85th birthday celebration for her mother, Margaret Kamya.

The function also served as a fundraiser for Mackay Martyrs Church in Wakaliga, Nateete.

On the question of urban crime, Museveni assured Ugandans that this spate of abductions and murders will be defeated.

“Just like we defeated Kony, cattle rustling and terrorism, we shall defeat this recent spate of organised crime.”

He said security have arrested the criminals who were behind the abduction and murder of the young lady Susan Magara.

Victoria University

“We shall arrest anyone who is involved in these crimes and bring them to book.”

These crimes are partly happening because of population explosion especially in urban areas, the president explained.

He said the government is committed to the installation of closed circuit camera surveillance systems in towns and on streets to help in the fight against urban crime.

“I urge Christians to contribute generously to the church project which will serve as a monument in commemoration of Alexander Mackay, who played a big part in introducing Christianity to Uganda.”

He added: “I will also make my contribution. Religious sites should be treated the same way as historical installations.”

Museveni urged the clergy to join government in preaching the gospel against household poverty.

“Teach your congregations to work hard to eradicate poverty. Hoping for miraculous wealth instead of hard work is dangerous.”

The president also stopped at Kitunzi Zone Market area in Lungujja, Nateete and addressed the residents.

He called on them to vote leaders who are committed to implementing national development goals.

“I will give Shs20m to Kitunzi Market Women’s Group Sacco.”




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