‘What is in it for me’ is killing Uganda, says Sekitoleko

Victoria Sekitoleko

Victoria Sekitoleko, a former Minister of Agriculture in the Ugandan government, says ministries are dying because proposals are never implemented.

She was a representative for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in China, Mongolia, and South Korea (October 2006 – April 2011).

“When I look at the presidential interventions, I wonder what occasions them. When you look at the way things are being done now, you wonder. All I ask is, can Ministry of Agriculture, animal industry and fisheries be part of this?”

Hon. Sekitoleko who was appearing on NBS TV last week, thinks it’s high time Uganda woke up and accepted that it is an agricultural country and move on.

“My thinking is for every Ugandan, be it a kid or a grown up, we should have a school where we should go to and get pre-schooled.”

She added: “If you want to become an agricultural leader, you should have knowledge about it. Most of these mistakes are derived from people who know nothing about agriculture, they aren’t in position to ask the right questions.”

According to Hon. Sekitoleko, the reason Ugandans are fumbling is because most of the farmers are half-baked and most of them don’t have the agriculture education.

“The way our country is governed, parliament alone can’t craft a law, all 3 arms of government have to be part of it, if everyone played their part, we would move and move fast.”

“What’s the mindset of that minister who was elected but doesn’t attend the plenary? The mindset has to be changed first.”

She quotes: “I come from Jinja, it’s very rare to hear that a minister has visited any place in Jinja. Some people are thinking that once they become ministers, they should relinquish their constituency work & focus on cabinet work, perhaps that’s the problem.”

Hon. Sekitoleko said the question of ‘what is in it for me’ is killing everything, everybody will participate, judge and contribute because they have something else that want.

“From what I know, those who are pushing for the national dialogue seem to have clean hands but they seem to be on the side. There is leadership and if we don’t let them in then we are still going to pray, wish and debate.”



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