Susan Magara murder series: stepsister, stepmom, suspect Pato ransom plot   

Pato with Girlfriend Kugonza Patra who smuggled some dollars into Botswana

It’s also alleged that much as John Magara had withdrawn and kept the ransom money in the house for the same purpose, the final decision to deliver the ransom was not taken by him but Sister Flora Magara in agreement with the wife, Immaculate to “surprise the Family” when Susan returns.

After the sending of Susan’s fingers to John Magara, the family devised ways of duping the kidnappers that they were withdrawing all police and other security agencies from the operations so that the kidnappers could relax and give them their daughter.

John Magara had attempted earlier attempted to deliver money to kidnapper twice, with no success.

He failed on all incidents because they kidnappers got to know of all his plans and could not risk meet him when he had security.

The question is who was informing the kidnappers, it can only be the person they were in touch with in the family or one of the security operatives. Even when communication remained between only Flora, Immaculate and John Magara, the kidnappers still got to know about all the plans.

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Its publicly known as it has been published in all the dailies that Magara’s family sat and agreed to request the President to allow them as a family to handle their daughter’s rescue, Mr. John Magara mentioned the same in his eulogy but it’s believed that this decision was unpopular in the family and was taken by only three people Mr. John Magara, Flora Magara and Immaculate, his wife.

It is highly suspicious that Immaculate realized how terrible the plans were going to fail if the president spearheaded the operation and therefore convinced his husband to back off the forces.

Throughout the kidnap until the murder and Susan’s burial, Immaculate Kabajulizi’s demeanour and   character was questionable.

On the 23/02/2018 there was a Church service to pray for the safe return of Susan which she and one of the daughters skipped.

It’s alleged she moved out of the house to Nakawuka where the first Ransom call was made from, this can be verified by her CDR.

As the mass was going on she was busy calling the suspicious numbers and then calling the husband.

Her movements throughout the time of the kidnap and after are very questionable. Either was hatching plan B and she should have noticed that her husband was not willing to deliver the money without involving security.

Mr. Magara had earlier been given a bag with GPRS trackable chip by the CMI operative to deliver money in it.

Of course, everyone in his house, wife and sister and daughters could have gotten to know about the move. Surprisingly for a whole week, the kidnappers didn’t call, he returned the bag to CMI. The plan the deliver the money without informing Mr. Magara was quickly hatched.

The money was delivered and possibly picked by Patrick Agaba suspects in the security agencies. Pato is known to have a brother in the army, one Ronald Muhumuza.

Patrick has a girl friend from Tooro called Patra Kugonza who deposited huge sums of dollars in Barclays main Branch and then went to Botswana. All her contacts are off.

The kidnappers immediately changed the line of communication and started calling Flora Magara whom they told not to inform his brother John, we are wondering how they Knew Flora could access the money from John’s house.

The kidnappers demanded that flora Magara uses her car which was parked somewhere else not the car where they had earlier demanded the money to be delivered.

Clearly these kidnappers had inside information and they wanted the money as clean, untracked as possible and they finally managed to get it. Also for Flora to access the money, she had to liaise with her in-law Immaculate who was staying at home save for the inexplicable movements as shown by her CDR.

Flora says when she received the call from the kidnappers she knew for sure her niece was desperate and had resorted to giving them her (the aunt’s) number.

This is a move that was clearly planned by someone who knew that John would not blame Flora for delivering the money since Flora is his immediate follower and had been close to him all through the course of Susan’s search.

Coincidentally Flora was not John’s home, Lubowa when the kidnappers started calling her. She drove to Lubowa picked the money and delivered it without informing the brother or anyone else.

By that time the kidnappers had settled at demanding for half a million dollars, however told Flora to take whatever money there was.

The master planner of this kidnap could have seen that Susan was almost dying so they needed to grab whatever money they could get.

Flora obviously should have talked to Immaculate before delivering the money who should Magara who should have encouraged her to take heart and deliver the money so as to save the daughter.

This move makes you think, did Susan give the kidnappers her step-moms number when she got kidnapped? How could Flora think that now they have called her Susan should have given the kidnappers her number?

Confidential police report: the Susan Magara murder [the series continue]



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