Gen Saleh unveils Uganda’s first ever ceramic tile

Gen Salim Saleh

Operation Wealth Creation [OWC] chief coordinator, Gen Salim Saleh, has Monday unveiled the first ceramic tile ever made in Uganda.

“This is literally the first ceramic tile ever made in Uganda! It was custom-made by Goodwill (U) Ltd as a present to me as the company autographed in Chinese; ”my great contribution to the company’s success and a wish for me to have long healthy life”,” Saleh said.

He added: “I am of course very thankful for this honour from the company, but the symbolic importance of the tile is what matters more to me.”

Saleh noted that the fact that the first tile is made in Namunkekera Rural Industrial Centre right here in Kapeeka, using mostly locally sourced raw materials brought him great joy.

Kapeeka played such a symbolic role in the initial stages of the liberation war which saw his brother President Museveni wage a war on evils in their many forms including abject poverty.

Victoria University

Kapeeka is where Saleh set out from to fundamentally change the county with his view/focus, as was most of the world, on poverty eradication towards the “right to development”.

The idea of fighting for the much needed political stability after the insurgencies of the 70’s then, emerged as an inalienable right by virtue of which all the peoples of Uganda are entitled to participate in, contribute to and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development and wealth creation in general.

Gen Saleh thanked his team at OWC, Namunkerera Rural Industrial Centre Goodwill Ceramics Ltd, among others for all the diligent work towards this achievement.

“I strongly urge Ugandans to embrace the product which is one of the multitudes of new high quality commodities being locally manufactured.”




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