Parents reject Kiggundu at Gayaza PTA meeting

Dr Badru Kiggundu

A queer incident happened at Gayaza High School in Kabanyoro Wakiso district on Saturday in which parents out rightly rejected former Electoral Commission chairman, Eng Badru Kiggundu.

According to a report by Daily Monitor, the school chairman called upon Kiggundu, who is also a parent at the school, to be take charge of the Parent-Teachers Association [PTA] polls but some parents rejected him.

During their annual general meeting, Kiggundu was nominated to observe and manage the election of new PTA executives only to be met with ridicule and utter scorn from parents.

According to the report, when Kiggundu was called forth, parents chuckled and screamed as he assumed duty.

Kiggundu, in turn, reportedly said an electoral process can never be without disagreements. He urged them to accept the results.

Victoria University

Dr Kiggundu headed the country’s electoral body for 14 years after his appointment by President Museveni in 2002.

Kiggundu was in charge of three general election including 2006, 2011 and 2016.

He was challenged, dragged to court by opposition parties but these short outcomes never made him forego his responsibilities.

Often, Kiggundu has been accused of being a partisan NRM cadre, and of conducting unfair elections.



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