Chameleone fights TV presenter at Kusasira introduction

The singer nearly ruined Kusasira's introduction

Singer Jose Chameleone was captured on video flexing muscles with Bukedde TV presenter, Josephat Seguya, at the introduction ceremony of musician Catherine Kusaasira.

According to reports, Chameleone accuses Seguya of writing bad stories about his sons.

Seguya had earlier urged police to arrest Chameleone for letting his two underage sons drive a car in the middle of the road.

Seguya and Chameleone

While in a live video on his official Instagram account, Chameleone refuted that had knowledge of the incident.

Earlier this week, his children Abba Marcus Mayanja (12) and Alfa Joseph Mayanja were filmed driving a convertible registration number UBB 073Y.

Victoria University

“I am not my children. Correct me where I go wrong, I am a young father. I cannot be blamed for my children’s mistakes because I wasn’t with them when it happened. I wonder it is always me to blame, why don’t you blame their mother for instance. Stop judging me, I am not perfect and neither are you,” Chameleone said.

Chameleone and his son Abba Marcus

Chameleone was recently in the United States in Atlanta to check on h9s wife and newly born daughter Xara Mayanja.

At the close of the week, he got an opportunity to vent out his anger after landing on Seguya at Kusasira’s introduction.

The two were seen in a heated argument, with the singer assuring the journalist that he is undisputed and he should put some respect on his name.

Chameleone then reportedly beat the presenter black and blue.

At the same event, Chameleone caused a scene by throwing money around to disrupt singing MP Bobi Wine who was called to talk to the audience.

He was later thrown away by the police to calm the situation.



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