Kwibuka: no sex, alcohol, football in genocide week

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Rwanda is currently holding ceremonies commemorating the genocide that began 20 years ago through Kwibuka – “Remember Unite Renew”.

Up to a million people were murdered by their neighbours in roughly a hundred days. The skeletons of genocide victims are still occasionally discovered, stuffed into sewers and under dense bushes.

During the official events, Rwanda’s leaders usually urge people, if not to forget, to set aside many of their bitterest memories to help sustain the country’s impressive progress.

To achieve this, some of the smallest pleasures of life like sex, alcohol and leisure activities like watching football are prohibited.

According to a Rwanda who preferred anonymity, no one is allowed to watch football during the genocide commemoration or even play and listen to music.

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Bars are restricted to prohibit alcohol consumption and none is allowed to show European football.

“No bar showed football last night. We are even supposed talk about it for the whole mourning week,” the national said.

“We shall start watching on Sunday.”

This, according to the report, was a cabinet resolution passed last year that allowed businesses to open half-day but excluded all entertainment related activities.

While the penalty for breaching this code is not clear, Rwanda is strict on the matter.

Apparently, men and women [including youth] are not allowed to engage in sexual activities, although many break the rule and have carnal intercourse secretly.

Members of the Rwandan community living in various countries starting last week, have been celebrating the 24th commemoration the Genocide against the Tutsi.



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