Museveni afraid social media will cause his downfall-Segona

MP Medard Lubega Segona

Busiro East MP Medard Segona says President Museveni is trying to discourage people from the use of social media by taxing WhatsApp and Facebook so that they don’t interfere with his rule, interfere with his villagers and make sure they don’t get news about him.

“To begin with, you don’t tax a person who is spending, we’ve already paid tax on the airtime and now taxing me on a service I have already paid for. If you read the letter, it was a quarrel,” Segona said on Monday while appearing on NBS “Morning Breeze” programme.

According to him, the problem with this country is that when the president runs out of money to run his operations, he finds something to do about it.

He said social media has penetrated Museveni’s monopoly and he has to find to manage it.

“I have been around and I have seen many letters written by Museveni. In Museveni’s letter, he could use many words but he is emphasis on ‘Lugambo’ carried a lot of meaning to me. He wants to limit people from using social media because there is a lot of political talk.”

Segona believes Museveni’s intention is to interrupt social media discussion because he knows there is alot of political conversation that could bring down his government.

“For me, it was in order for the Archbishop to come out, if you want to offend the president, tell him about his number of days in power.”

Segona says there is nothing wrong spying on anybody because governments world over operate on intelligence but the issue is the crude way they do it.

“There is leakage of information, intelligence has become a political tool and information leaks back.”

He said the man who attacked a bishop in church could have been a ruse staged by Internal Security Organisation [ISO].



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